In case you’ve never played it, Exos Heroes is a stunning gacha-RPG that hit the global app stores just over a year ago, having already topped the charts in its native South Korea. It sees you exploring a vast fantasy world in an airship, meeting NPCs, summoning Heroes, and getting into turn-based battles with a cast of colorful characters.

In Fallen Sky, protagonist Zeon is reunited with Bitru after they parted ways in an earlier chapter of the game’s epic story.

Bitru was able to find Zeon thanks to an unidentified trio from Phedas, the merchants’ country. These three characters have been banished from the Celestial City of Pentaus, and it’s your job to help them ascend through the dark clouds and return to their home.

Phedas is a whole new region in Exos Heroes, located in the North-East sky. It’s not connected to the Exos continent, so the only way to get there is by airship.

The new Heroes, meanwhile, are all members of the mysterious Shadow Bane group. Faceless Shadow Melissa is the leader of this secret mask-wearing society, which means she directs Shadow Bane members to steal the lives of others to balance the power of the continent. Melissa is dark.

Moon Shadow Mask Luna is another agent of Shadow Bane, but she lives by her own rules, and Reaper of Blue Flames Garlond is a former G1 Class Agent of Shadow Bane known as the “guardian of balance”.

Alongside these new Heroes there’s a new Hero class: Mythic. A Mythic Hero is a character that specialises in particular content, such as PvP, rather than being a jack of all trades across the entire game. They tend to use reversal powers like Joker Cards in place of brute strength.

The first Mythic class Hero is Frozen Queen Misty, known as a goddess of victory by her allies and a mighty punisher by her enemies. That’s a hell of a calling card. Frozen Queen Misty is one of the original Seven Knights, and she once led the Baikai Empire.

Don’t mess with her.

Next up, Exos Heroes has reorganised its Infinity Core mode. Infinity Core is a PvE feature that ranks players according to their score, allowing you to compete with other users. Automatic combat is possible in Infinity Core, thanks to the Sequential Battle function.

The more difficult the dungeon, the more points you earn, so there’s always an incentive to stretch yourself. Rankings are reset every week, and players are rewarded with a new currency called Infinite Crystal.

You can exchange this currency for new goods at Heowon’s Old Store, and included among the fresh stock you’ll find a new Red Fatecore.

To celebrate the launch of this massive new season, Exos Heroes is holding a series of major events.

There’s a login bonus event (June 24 to July 28) that lets you earn a Gold Fatecore Selection Ticket just for logging in at any point during the event period, and a 15 Days of Gifts event on the same dates, allowing you to achieve a Black Fatecore Selection Ticket at day seven and a Transcend Exclusive Hero Lesh Eye at day 15.

Plus, you can have up to 220 free Premium Recruitments (11 times per day), and there are several other Season 4 Eve events happening right now, including a login bonus event, a new/returning user attendance book event, and a special Bingo event, which ends on July the 14th.

So if you haven’t already started playing Exos Heroes, this would be the perfect time to get involved. You can download it for free right now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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