While this aren’t breaking news, I’ve only seen this topic addresed here once, and I would love to have some actual designers share their thoughts on the matter or similars.

r/graphic_design - Justin Bieber sued by Justice over his new album artwork

Rolling Stone. March 2021

Back on March, the french electronic music duo “Justice” sent a Cease & Desist letter to Justin Bieber’s team. The reason being the similarities between J. Bieber’s new album artwork and the french duo’s trademarked logo.

“Your use of the Mark is illegal. You have not received permission from Justice to utilize the Mark,” the letter, obtained by Rolling Stone, states. “Moreover, Bieber’s work is in no way affiliated with, supported by, or sponsored by Justice. Such use of the Mark is not only illegal, but likely to deceive and confuse consumers.”

Apparently, Justin Bieber’s team had tried to reach Justice’s logo designer several months prior to discuss business. This in particular is seen by many people as proof that JB outright stole the design.As a result, many Justice fans and a great deal of bystanders have gone out of their way to express how infuriated, concerned and downright offended they are about this matter. Of course, many people decided to skillfully craft their own analysis of the design elements that -to them- irrefutably scream “Plagiarism”, regardless of their apparent lack of design and creative background.

It never fails to amuse me the sheer level of confidence and self-righteousness with which many people talk about things they don’t know anything about. To me, it seems like the most obnoxious lack of self-awareness. In my opinion, bending and demonizing the limits of what ‘Inspiration’ can and can’t be is a very dangerous thing for any and all creative realms. A great example for this was the Katy Perry vs. Flame case, where Perry was being sued over a particular element of the beat on her song “Dark Horse”.(Here’s a great video by Adam Neely on the subject!).

As a designer, and as a creative, what are your thoughts on this matter?


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