Hey so I'm newer as a graphic design professional and so far all of my clients have been local. I recently was contacted by someone and a lot the things he was saying in his first couple emails had me concerned this was too good to be true… plus lots of spelling/grammatical errors.

Now, most recently I asked if he lived in Alberta (where I am) since part of the project includes printing brochures on his behalf, and the more I emailed with him I got to thinking maybe he's not even nearby. So then I get this email after I ask if he's located in Alberta and that I only do e-transfers for payments. (The "Yes I am!" is referring to me asking if he's located in Alberta I assume…. but then contradicts the statement with the shipping address for the brochures) And the address goes to a legit furniture company, but he said his is a furniture import/export company and under a different name. Also his website isn't up yet, also also said at one point that he's a marine engineer…

Yes I am!
Below is the shipping address and kindly go ahead and include the shipping cost. Hope we can work things and please contact and your bank and request for a credit card merchant setup or you check out www.sqaureup.com
No problem I’ll pay for the setup fees and cover the taxes.
Thank you

My alarm bells are ringing but one friend said this all seems mostly normal and another is telling me to back out now or refuse any other payment besides e-transfer. Please help!

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