If you’re looking for an easy and simple way reduce anxiety, stress, and more, meditation might be the answer.

And if you’re new to the practice, take a look at EZ Meditation Timer. The app has been created by practitioners for beginners.

The simple timer is designed for unguided meditations.

Getting started is easy. You can select from a wide variety of sounds to play during the session. You can track meditation progress in your profile and even add friends to your community to see their progress and encourage them as well.

For some reason, if you complete a session without the app, it can be manually added in later. You can also edit all sessions.

EZ Meditation Timer is designed for the iPhone and can be downloaded now on the App Store.

There are no in-app purchases or subscriptions. The complete app is available for free. That makes it a great way to try out meditation and see if it can help improve your daily life.


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