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I run a monthly legal education / life skills / job resources magazine for inmates that’s sent to 500 – 1,000 incarcerated people in the CT area (depending on how much we can afford per month).

I interview rising stars in hip hop like 22GZ, Sheff G, $not, and civil rights leaders like Isaac Wright Jr., Lee Merritt, Jed Rakoff… Those are the biggest names in our features so far.

I can offer little money (to be totally transparent), but it might be a good opportunity for portfolio building. Some of the artists we work with are very popular and we always have a stream of rising stars willing to do interviews. We’re hoping to build up to even more popular artists and are on track to do so, so this could form into a very good portfolio building opportunity.

The bottom line is this – I don’t want to undervalue any of your work because as someone who has been doing the designs for the past year I know how much time goes into the work. I’m posting this to float the idea to the community and see if anyone would genuinely be interested in helping a good cause and working with rising stars in hip hop. (And hopefully top tier artists in the future)

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