Hey guys, before I ask here is some info about me:

25M that finished graphic design studies just because I somewhat enjoyed it and wanted to finish something, but at the same time I was making living through editing youtube gaming videos. So I have pretty good understanding of design, marketing and video editing.

For the past year or two I haven’t done much, just procrastinated. Thought of starting a business.. yet had troubles coming up with something unique. I am perfectionist and never satisfied, and really disappointed that I am not doing anything in a meantime.

I was never interested in doing clients works because I heard how much of a pain in the ass it can be (+ it pays low in my country). So I made youtube gaming videos and made good bucks, but don’t really feel fulfilled now.

Lately I felt like graphic design is still something I can be passionate about if I set my mind to it as I can be very persistent if I see that its worth doing for the future. I still watch some tutorials from time to time in my free time and have really good understanding of what looks good and not, and my values are freedom, autonomy, growth so design (or video editing) does make sense.

For the past few days I was getting really inspired by some Instagram and other app posts with photo manipulations. Glows, futuristic vibes etc. One example could be “Benny productions”. Really cool stuff that I feel I could eventually do well myself.

But I can’t really think of what kind of niche this is and is there a demand if I master it? Where could I use it? (Movie posters, book covers..?) All I am thinking of right now is learning it, doing youtube tutorials about it and maybe selling some digital products or something since I am good with youtube / marketing and dislike working with people for cheap. (I also never had a “normal” job, but I suppose with good portfolio I could find one, yet still id rather have some sort of business).

I just want to be excited to learn and master something and know that my skills / niche will be appreciated in the future while being able to travel / enjoy life. Any advice appreciated!


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