Negative space logos are logos that create cleverly with white space or background color and make a new logo or artwork. Its’s called “Negative space“. It’s not just an artistic effect it’s purely designers creativity that can make your brand unique and multi-concept. In this logo design gallery I gathered beautifully designed negative space logos. The logos are creative and cleverly used negative space. I hope you like it.

The term negative space has been used to describe space where there’s no color or graphics. Designers and artists are wisely used Negative Space in there art and design. Such as if you want to add a second element to your logo, or to add a symbol to the text, you can use your negative space from now on. It has been done a long time ago by NBC, and it has become a top trend so you can happily use it without fear. This trend might also be a solution for those trying to revamp a logo without having to change its established identity completely. Negative space can even increase comprehension by 20 percent, according to a study reported by Smashing magazine.

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Negative Space Logo Designs For Inspiration – Clever Examples

These examples can help to understand negative space and how it used in Logos, Graphics and Web Templates. Here is the list of Creative and Clever Examples of Negative Space Used in Logo Designs.

1. Peak by Omnium

2. OPEN Logo by Piotr Gorczyca

3. Studio Birthplace logo by Gert van Duinen

4. One Man (1) logo by SPG MARKS

5. Horse and Person by Lucian Radu

6. MediaLounge Logo by Stanislav Regis

7. Jump Logo by Helvetiphant

8. Choice logo by graphitepoint

9. CashBack Logo by Kakha Kakhadzen

10. Mechanic logo design by Emir Kudic

11. The Candle Maker Logo

12. Shark Design by yogaperdana7

13. Care Animals Logo Design by fauzanpratama29

14. Spicy Logo

15. CAM Logo by giletroja

16. Bear and Fish Logo by Zeljko Ivanovic

17. One Tech by Sava Stoic

18. MealShip – Logo Design by Eugene MT

19. G7 logo by Oleg Martcenko

20. Sword logo design by Jenggot Merah

21. Desert Ship by Oleg Martcenko

22. Woman by Lucian Radu

23. PAWAL logo design – Negative space logo by Aditya

24. Negative Reality Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

25. T+N negative space monogram by Aiste

26. Car Negative Space Logo by Nazmul Hossan

27. Letter P + Puppy Logo by Grafast Design

28. Grow Negative space logo by ST SOHAN

29. Bear logo concept by ardimas ramadan

30. Branding The Honey Jar, raw honey by Liza Design

31. Sushi Negative Space Logo by Ardimas

32. Beautiful NASA Negative Space Logo by Maxim Lapteff

33. EO11 Band Logo by Alaa Eddine Benkarrad

34. Stable Logo by Aldo Hysenaj

35. Heart + Bolt Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

36. PaperDoc by Leo

37. Anitq Logotype by Aditya

38. Netbox by Piotr Gorczyca

39. Homeleon Logo by Sava Stoic

40. Rad Travels by Jano Kobalia


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