Crossposted on r/EtsySellers as well but thought I’d post here in hopes for a more technical answer.

I’m a seasoned graphic designer, 8 yrs now, I’ve just started selling on Etsy on the side. Found myself in quite the rabbit hole when exporting from AI to PDF a digital download product is supposed to be two sided – how (if at all) do you account for all the different printer settings that exist in the universe?

– Do you tirelessly search and find testers and create a big instruction breakdown?

– Or do you provide them the product with a disclaimer with a few different settings to try?

Background – I’m selling filler pages for a specific set of planners, printing them double sided with shifted margins so the hole punch edge aligns on either side – BUT my printer ‘print on both sides’ settings are most likely going to be different from other user, versus someone who would have to do it manually, versus someone who prints via chrome versus adobe acrobat reader, etc.

Your advice is appreciated!


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